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Chitranjali is of no doubt an ideal location for any movie shoot. Its landscape includes permanent sets like Temple, Prison, Highway etc., in addition to its exotic lush green lawns and parks, thus making it ideal for outdoor shoot. The complex also consists of real functional buildings that could be converted to Government offices, Resorts, Hotels or Restaurants for Film and TV Serial Production.

As for the Indoors, Chitranjali hosts the largest Studio Floor (Sound Studio) in Kerala , which is ideal for constructing mega sets and a state of the art green matte studio. Chiranjali Studio, Kakkanad, Kochi offers facilities for Recording, Non – Linear editing and has accommodation facility for the film crew. In addition to the most modern technological equipments, the Studio also provides budget A/C, Non A/C accommodation too for artists and technicians within the complex. The complex also hosts a Film Museum depicting the technical history of Malayalam Cinema since its inception.




Floor I : 145 ft x 80 ft x 40 ft

Floor II : 93 ft x 58 ft x 27 ft


52 ft x 39 ft x 19 ft

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