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Chitranjali Studio complex houses all facilities for film production and offers:

1.  Out door shooting facilities

2.  Drishya- the State of the Art Digital Preview Theatre

3.  Sound Studio /Shooting Floors

4.  Sets

5.  Nature spots

6.  Nonlinear editing with Avid & FCP

7.  Dubbing Theatre

8.  Effects recording

9.  Re-recording

10.  Surround mixing

11.  Accommodation (A/C and Non A/C)



Adhering to its vision, KSFDC continue to support feature films with aesthetic appeal and quality content. With just an initial advance of Rupess Two Lakh a producer can avail all the facility offered by Chitranjali for a period of 7 months from the date of commencement of shooting. With this advance, the producers can use facilities and services costing Rupees seven lakh at no extra cost. Producers of children’s film having a minimum duration of 45 minutes are eligible for a subsidy of Rupees 3.75 lakh.


Chitranjali Studio offers Internship facility for students in Film and Television Production. Non Residential Student Internship in Film Editing & Sound Recording is offered for a period of one month for a fees of Rs.1500/ + GST. On hand training by expert technicians is the highlight of this programme.

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